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Wish List

There are many many items we need for restoration of the post, this page is a list of what we need. If you have anything you can donate (or sell cheap – we have no funding) to the project, please get in touch. We are in discussion on some of the items listed below.

BPI (We have a copy but live in hope of the real thing).
GZI (We currently have one on loan from Mr Gavin Saxby)
GZI bin. (We have a copy but a genuine one would be nice).
FSM dome. (We currently have one on loan from Mr Gavin Saxby)
Maroon trainer.
Battery box. (copy made).
Charging cables.
First Aid box (green plastic).
Glitto etc.
Canvas chairs.
Foul weather “jerkins”.
Tin opener.

Recently sourced items include;

1pt petrol tin.
FSM rod clamp. (replica).
PE set plastic cover.
Bofors stretcher.
Cock wrench.
Cassettes and satchel.
Posters (various).
Washing up bowl.
¾ pint plastic mugs.
Post instrument, plotting table and tripod.
6E/293 binoculars.
Mattress underlays.
FSM trainer.
Printing out paper and box.
6 terminal BT junction box (BT35A)
Baffle plate. (copy donated to Broadway Tower).
Yamaha EF1000 generator.
Duffle coat.
Centreforge Gel cooker.
Fire blanket box.
First Aid bag.
Copy BPI.
Toilet roll.
Tommy cooker.
Fire blanket.
Cargo net.
Secomak siren.
FSM telescopic rod.
WB1400 board.
Wire splint.
Rubber gloves and case.

Any duplicate items we receive will be donated to other restorers or traded for items still needed.

Items available for swap.

Radio post “tophat” cover.
Fire blanket.
Pump handle.


  1. Bob Campbell says:

    Boots – This is from Bob Campbell {Old codger, beard and glasses} who sang down the teletalk to you!

    Just a wee question about the kit list above, The Fire Blanket? I don’t remember this as being ‘official kit’ in our Group? Any chance of a photo? Perhaps for the re-union?

    You call it a ‘Bofors Stretcher’? My recollection was that – if it’s the same as I remember – way back in the day i.e. late 60s, It was called a ‘Robertson Stretcher’? To be used for casualty removel from the post


    • carlisle51 says:

      Hi Bob, the original fire blankets were a white asbestos type, in a red tin drop base wall box near the Post door, during the 1980’s these were replaced with fibreglass ones, usually green in the same case. I’ll get a photo to you by email. The Bofors stretcher may be the Robertson stretcher, although most definitely stamped by Bofors as the manufacturer, these are a folding hardboard affair to which the “patient” would be tied for extraction from the Post.


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