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Thanks to.

We’d like to give grateful thanks to the following people;

Mssrs Lamb at Burns Farm and Camp Site for allowing us to restore the post.

Mr Andrew MacKindley of Closeburn for donating bunks from Thornhill post.

Ms Cheryl Stewart of Arbroath ROC museum for providing inspiration for the restoration.

Mr Mike Scott of Abernyte post for essential communication equipment and technical information.

Mrs Wendy Harvey for donation of miscellaneous manuals and other paperwork.

Mr Alistair McCann for a PDRM82F, an FSM trainer, Printing out paper and much much more.

Mr Mark Howard-Carter for invaluable help in removing and refitting the hatch.

Mr Ed Combes for various items including a baffle plate, fire blanket and Battleship padlock.

Mr Jack Hanlon for a cargo net, teapot, pans and mess tins.

Janet Bird for a copy of AP3306.

Annette Harrison for a vintage RAF First Aid kit.

Mr Gavin Saxby for the loan of a Ground Zero indicator and an FSM dome.

The team at 28 Group Control Dundee for help, advice, encouragement and more, very much in the spirit of the ROC…

…and many others for moral support.

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