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July Open Day

July Open Day

Our next Open Day will take place on 11th July, 11am to 5pm, the Post will be open and equipped and weather permitting there will be a small display above ground too. We will not be catering at this event, several have decided to bring picnics but be warned the security hens may be on patrol. Remember, if you wish to go underground you do so entirely at your own risk, this is as it was for Observers on duty, it has not been “sterilized” in the interests of health and safety.


Just a reminder to those thinking of coming to a future open day, there’s the camp site only 50yds from the Post. The Lamb family would be very happy to have you stay, we have some planning to stay there for the next one. Have a look at the website.

Open day.

You may have noticed a new tab at the top of this page, I’ve added a new page with photo’s of our first open day. The day was a great success and it was a tremendous pleasure to see everyone there.

Fingers crossed for good weather.

We’re hoping for good weather this coming weekend for our first Open Day, we’ll be welcoming visitors between 10:00 and 16:00, there’ll be tea, coffee, cakes and scones available for a donation to the restoration fund which is running at a severe deficit. Come along and see how we’re getting on, we’re not finished but we’re very nearly there, the paint should be dry by Saturday!

The countdown begins…

Now less than three weeks until the first open day and work continues although it seems every job completed leaves another two to do! The last couple of weeks has seen the concrete patched up following the replacement of the hatch frame, the bunks have been installed too. Unfortunately the concrete now needs painting and the bunks need rubbing down and painting, the shaft needs painting too! We’re having a work day this week to get the brushes out and hopefully to also finish the external communications wiring. Thanks to the incredible generosity of some fellow restorers we’ll have a fantastic display of equipment for the day.

Coming soon…

Thursday this week saw some activity at 51 Post, while some painting was done inside and outside the post, a friend with a camera drone took some video of the Post and the adjacent above ground Post. I’m going to edit together a short sequence from the “footage” and upload it to Youtube, I’ll post a link on here when it’s done, here’s a still to whet your appetite. There are more photo’s on our Facebook page.


Here’s the video…

March update.

As Easter is almost upon us I thought I’d better let you know what is happening at 51 Post. Firstly and most importantly, we’ve managed to track down some of the former Post crew and make contact, I had a nice chat with the former C/Obs Ernie who is going to try and find some photo’s for us.
The generosity of fellow restorers is continuing, we’re really humbled by the support we’re getting both with donated and loaned equipment, one item received is a genuine BPI baffle plate which means the replica one I commissioned has been donated to someone else, what goes round comes round etc.
Now that the weather is improving (or so I’m told) we’ve made a start at painting the exterior, there’s some making good of the concrete to do where the new hatch frame was fitted so we can’t do it all yet but after many sample pots we’ve now got a colour we like.

Many thanks…

We would like to pass on our sincere thanks to our followers on Facebook who have generously donated several items to the post this week. It is quite humbling to have so much support. You will of course be made very welcome if you decide to come and visit, we’ll try to ensure there’s tea and coffee too. Once again many thanks.

Friends in low places…

…well you can’t get much lower than two floors below ground. I’ve just spent some more┬átime in the Craigiebarns HQ of 28 Group Dundee, with the restoration team up (down) there. Also there were Al McCann of Portadown Post, Ed Combes of Cuckfield Post, Jack Hanlon of Chop Gate Post, Cheryl Stewart of Arbroath Post and Rick Thomas of Kettering Post. During the weekend I repaired several bits of ROC electronic equipment and assisted Mike Scott with the commissioning of the CCP/WB1400 exchange system which is progressing well. I came away from the weekend with an armful of goodies for the post, many thanks guys.

First work day of 2015

Not a lot done on our first work day of the New Year but most of the monitoring room has now had it’s second coat of paint, the internal telecoms wiring is finished and the repaired monitoring room door lock has been refitted.