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The restoration is being undertaken by the former Chief Observer and Leading Observer (Post Instructor) of Appleby-in-Westmorland ROC Monitoring Post. Unfortunately the Appleby post was one of many demolished shortly after the 1991 stand down. Threlkeld was the closest post to Appleby that was available for restoration.We aim to restore the post to as near it was when operational as we can, many items are prohibitively expensive these days and replicas are scarce but are becoming available. It is not our aim to fill the post with lots and lots of ROC memorabilia that wouldn’t be there originally, the aim is to get the look of a normal 1980’s operational post with equipment from that era. We intend to pass on our ROC experience and allow people to learn what the ROC and it’s many thousands of volunteers did.

A brief history of the post.

October 1939.  –  An Observer Corps post was originally built at Keswick, designated  E2 post of 32 Group (Carlisle).

August 1951   –   The post was re-sited to its current location, renamed Threlkeld.

November 1953  –  It was renumbered as N2 of Carlisle Group which was also renumbered as 22 Group.

May 1961  –  The underground post was opened.

October 1968  – Following restructuring of the ROC the post was once again renumbered to J3 of 22 Group, at this time nearly half of the posts across the UK were closed including near neighbour Greystoke.

In 1981 the clusters of posts were rearranged and all posts redesignated numerically, Threlkeld became 51 Post and remained so until stand down in 1991.

Films on Youtube explaining the Nuclear role of the ROC.

Sound an Alarm (1971)

Hole in the Ground (1962)

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