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2016 – Not as kind as 2015.

Our June and July Open Days have suffered from foul weather but we’ve survived and managed to pass on our heritage to a good number of visits, including 20 Cubs from the Whalley Scout Group. We purchased a gazebo to use in inclement weather but unfortunately the weather on 9th July was just to inclement and the gazebo was destroyed, I guess you win some, you lose some.
While on a family trip to Scotland our intrepid L/Obs met up with several other Post restorers at Cheryl Stewarts BBQ at her restored Post and Museum in Arbroath. Fellow restorer of Skelmorlie Post and owner of the Largs ROC Museum Frank Alexander kindly donated some items to 51 Post including a 1pt petrol tin, something we’ve been looking for for some time.


  1. Michael Lockwood says:


    My name is Michael Lockwood I was just enquiring as to whether you have communications to other posts eg the one in Dundee! I set up DMR in the UK for amateur radio use and may be able to help you out with communications to other posts. If you would like to disuse this further please contact me on 07073 577462 or send me an email with your phone number on and best times to contact you.

    Regards Michael

    ======================================== Message Received: Jul 21 2016, 03:37 PM


    • carlisle51 says:

      Hi Michael, yes we do have communications using the original Teletalk equipment. The system uses VOIP over the mobile phone network as the original landlines are no longer there. There are several Posts on the system, Threlkeld, Abernyte, Portadown, Cuckfield, Chop Gate and Broadway Tower, Dundee Control is also on the system as that is where it is hosted. Several of the Post restorers are amateurs including myself M5TXJ, with two more looking at taking their licenses shortly.
      Regards Dave.


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