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Final Open Day of 2015

Thanks to all our visitors we’ve had a super day passing on our history. Post now stripped into 2 cars and ready to fill the attic! We’ll be having visits over the winter to do maintenance but that’s it until the first open day of 2016, watch this page for details. Thanks again for making the restoration worthwhile. I was asked today why we put so much effort into the Post and Open Days, the answer is our visitors. Thanks too for looking at this blog and taking an interest in 2 middle aged blokes having a nostalgia rush. Special thanks go to our helpers on the Open Days, John Little, Malcolm Cannings and Yvonne Thomas.
All that we’ve done wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our landlords, the Lamb family of Burns Farm, not only do they allow us to do what we do, they also keep an eye on the Post while we’re not there.

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  1. Eddie Wren says:

    On the list of observers I’ve previously sent you in relation to the Threlkeld Post, for the period 1969-71, the missing surname was Gates – L/Obs Jackie Gates. I was under the apparently mistaken view that Jackie lived at Bassenthwaite but now I’ve been told he lived on or near Lonsties, at Keswick (which would make more sense).

    I believe that only the two of us who were teenagers during the period mentioned are now still alive, and by chance, David and I met up recently – for the first time in decades – at the funeral of a mutual friend, so at least we are now in touch again and will hopefully be able to visit the post together in the foreseeable future (despite me now living in the USA).


    Eddie Wren


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