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March update.

As Easter is almost upon us I thought I’d better let you know what is happening at 51 Post. Firstly and most importantly, we’ve managed to track down some of the former Post crew and make contact, I had a nice chat with the former C/Obs Ernie who is going to try and find some photo’s for us.
The generosity of fellow restorers is continuing, we’re really humbled by the support we’re getting both with donated and loaned equipment, one item received is a genuine BPI baffle plate which means the replica one I commissioned has been donated to someone else, what goes round comes round etc.
Now that the weather is improving (or so I’m told) we’ve made a start at painting the exterior, there’s some making good of the concrete to do where the new hatch frame was fitted so we can’t do it all yet but after many sample pots we’ve now got a colour we like.

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