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Friends in low places…

…well you can’t get much lower than two floors below ground. I’ve just spent some more┬átime in the Craigiebarns HQ of 28 Group Dundee, with the restoration team up (down) there. Also there were Al McCann of Portadown Post, Ed Combes of Cuckfield Post, Jack Hanlon of Chop Gate Post, Cheryl Stewart of Arbroath Post and Rick Thomas of Kettering Post. During the weekend I repaired several bits of ROC electronic equipment and assisted Mike Scott with the commissioning of the CCP/WB1400 exchange system which is progressing well. I came away from the weekend with an armful of goodies for the post, many thanks guys.

First work day of 2015

Not a lot done on our first work day of the New Year but most of the monitoring room has now had it’s second coat of paint, the internal telecoms wiring is finished and the repaired monitoring room door lock has been refitted.