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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

   We’d like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, thank you for following our progress slow as it may be.
   2015 will see our first “open day”, things will still be a work in progress but we feel it right to let what has been done be seen first hand. We’ll be posting the details here so keep checking back.
  We will also be exhibiting our collection of equipment and memorabilia at the 22Grp ROCA AGM, buffet lunch and Get-together in June, if you can’t make the open day, we hope to see you there.
   Regards “the 51 Post team”.

Onwards and downwards.

Following the replacement of the hatch frame work inside the Post has resumed, cleaning and painting being the priority. All telecoms wiring and equipment has been removed and will be reinstalled once the woodwork has been painted. The flourescent light has been repaired and is ready to be refitted. Progress may be slow but we are heading in the right direction. Work on rewiring the post for refitting the WB1400 and Teletalk is progressing well with hidden sockets being added as no equipment will be left down the post.

Rebuilt hatch cover fitted.

Following years of neglect the broken hatch was removed, not a difficult job as the hinges were broken. The hatch frame was a different matter though, very severely rusted away it had to be chiselled out of the concrete top of the shaft. A new frame was fabricated at vast expense by “Metal Star Fabrications” of Penrith and has been refitted. Pictures on the photo page.



We’re sorry to announce there will be no more open days at Threlkeld.

Work continues…

…minor successes but progress is being made all the same, the monitoring room has now had its first coat of paint for more than 23 years, the ventilator shutters in the shaft and monitoring room have been freed of many years build up of rust and the concrete base of the ventilation pillar has been repaired. Yes, we’ve still got an awful long way to go but every step forward feels a victory. We’re very thankful for all the moral support we’ve received and look forward to welcoming visitors in the future.

Bunks sourced for the post.

Thanks to the generosity of Andrew MacKindley of Thornhill we now have a pair of genuine ROC post bunks, they’re rusty and in need of some TLC but we’re one small step nearer. Many thanks again Andrew.

Threlkeld ROC Monitoring Post now to undergo restoration.


The former C/Obs and L/Obs of 56 (Appleby) Royal Observer Corps Monitoring Post, have undertaken the care and restoration of 22/51 (Threlkeld) Post. This blog will be a diary of the progress, early work is solely repair and cleaning of the structure, most post fittings have been removed for safe storage.
We are very grateful to have the resident farmer who lives only a matter of yards away providing a careful watch over the post, an alarm is to be fitted too. If anyone wishes to visit, please get in touch by email (address below – insert @ after the figure 1) otherwise use the form on the “About” page.
If anyone wants to come along and help, that would be fantastic!
Regards the 51 Post crew. – email