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Thanks for looking at our page, please have a look around. If you click the “about” tab above it will tell you a little about what we’re doing, the other tabs give you access to other pages. Please forgive the brevity of the pages, I’ll add more as things progress. The Post is on private land, there is no right of access, we are very fortunate to have the permission of Mssrs Lamb to hold our Open Days, please don’t jeapordise this by trespassing.

Quick check over.

Quick trip to the Post today, everything found in good order although the field is quite muddy. Not much to do before April 23rd other than charge the lighting batteries. Saw our landlords as we usually do, busy farming as always!

2016 In reflection.

As the year comes to a close and we start to look at possible dates for 2017 Open Days, we also look back at what 2016 has brought. The weather hasn’t been particularly kind this year but we can’t arrange that and unfortunately our new Gazebo was destroyed by the wind.
This year has seen the introduction of talks on the ROC, its history and heritage given to various groups, there are already four talks booked for 2017.
I must mention two highlights of the year, firstly the amazing commemoration of the Stand Down of ROC Posts weekend with several Posts open over the weekend and in contact over the Teletalk system, we were joined by several ex Observers from their homes and also the restored 28Grp Sector Control in Dundee.
The second highlight was the first Open Day at Carlisle 37 Post Brampton which is under restoration by former L/Obs John George Little by kind permission of Paul and Sarah Crabtree.

In closing, we must thank our helpers, supporters and our visitors and express our wish to see you all again in the New Year.

Regards and Best Wishes
C/Obs David Atkinson – (Acker)
L/Obs David Shaw – (Boots)

The other 22 Group restoration.

Two of the 51 Post Team, L/Obs D Shaw and L/Obs JG Little have had a couple of busy weekends. 51 Post was open for the weekend of the 25th anniversary of the Stand Down of Posts and Controls. The evening of 30th September was incredible with people chatting on the Teletalk from all over the country, very reminiscent of through the night on exercise in years past. This weekend we manned Carlisle 37 Post which is undergoing restoration under the control of JG for it’s very first Open Day. JG’s landlords Paul and Sarah provided food and drink for the visitors and as the Post has a weather station attached, there was a representative from the Met Office there too.

Can’t say enough thank yous.

What a wonderful couple of days at the post, some great visitors who asked lots of relevant questions. The amazing Sylvia Ramshaw produced a stunning cake and the weather wasn’t too bad. Early communications problems were solved and conversation was had with people countywide. All in all the 25th anniversary of Stand Down was commemorated in good style. Thank you everyone including John George Little, restorer of 37 Post Brampton, Malcolm Cannings, Yvonne Thomas, Mike Scott, Gavin Saxby, Al McCann, Cheryl Stewart, Frank Alexander, Harold Archer, Anne Farries and the many others who have helped, donated items, offered advice and visited. I can’t possibly name everyone but a huge THANK YOU. Our 2015/16 Open Days have been wonderful and we hope to carry this on in 2017. Please call in to see us on an Open day in 2017 we’ll be very pleased to see you. The post is now stripped for the winter and will only be getting maintenance visits for a while, this doesn’t mean we’re doing nothing as we give talks and demonstrations to many different groups. Look out for dates for our 2017 openings will be published here or on our Facebook page as soon as we have got our heads together with our shift details.

Thanks once again C/Obs Atkinson & L/Obs Shaw 22/51 Post.

25th Anniversary of Stand Down Open Days.

It is with much regret that due to circumstances beyond our control we cannot be open on Sunday 2nd October, we will still be open on Friday 30th Sept and Saturday 1st Oct as planned. We’re hoping to tie this event in with other restored posts throughout the country. Keep checking back for updates here or on our Facebook page.

2016 – Not as kind as 2015.

Our June and July Open Days have suffered from foul weather but we’ve survived and managed to pass on our heritage to a good number of visits, including 20 Cubs from the Whalley Scout Group. We purchased a gazebo to use in inclement weather but unfortunately the weather on 9th July was just to inclement and the gazebo was destroyed, I guess you win some, you lose some.
While on a family trip to Scotland our intrepid L/Obs met up with several other Post restorers at Cheryl Stewarts BBQ at her restored Post and Museum in Arbroath. Fellow restorer of Skelmorlie Post and owner of the Largs ROC Museum Frank Alexander kindly donated some items to 51 Post including a 1pt petrol tin, something we’ve been looking for for some time.

1st Open Day 2016

What a fantastic first open day of 2016 we had yesterday, with our good fortune the weather was fine if cold. It was a great success with lots of visitors, kept me busy all day not only explaining the Post but also our heritage back to 1916 with the Metropolitan Observation Service and the London Air Defence Area. Had quite a few ex ROC visitors including Bob McIntosh from 7Grp Bedford who came up specially for the day and an Observer from Sidmouth Post in Devon. Rick Thomas the restorer of Kettering Post and Lachlan Macleod who is restoring Aberlemno also came along. Days like this really make the restoration worthwhile. Thanks to Bob McIntosh, ex C/Obs (W) Janice Colbert-Weeks of Horton-in-Ribblesdale Post and her husband Neil for their help at the end of the day, stripping the Post and loading the cars. Thanks again everybody, without our visitors it just wouldn’t be the same.